Premier Partners 5th anniversary

Celebrating our past, inspiring our future.


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tax compliance

Ensuring tax compliance

Premier Partners is an umbrella company that offers payroll solutions to help you navigate through complex tax situations and ensure tax compliance.


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overseas contracting

Overseas contracting

Contracting overseas can be exciting and rewarding for many, but stressful for others. Premier Partners is an umbrella company that helps to ensure your experience is positive and trouble-free.


Our services

Umbrella company

Premier Partners is an umbrella company that manages and streamlines the contractual and administrative process for your external contractors leaving them to concentrate on the job in hand. We ensure your contractors are working compliantly within the country’s employment and tax laws. This gives you the increased protection to hire foreign contractors without fear of legal or fiscal repercussions.

Our offices are located in the Netherlands, but we also have entities with offices in Belgium and Switzerland.

Why Premier Partners?

Client service orientated operation with individual account managers.
Cutting edge administration and accounting systems for your fiscal affairs.
Highly competitive fee creating excellent value in Europe.
Full, accurate, financial management and payroll reporting.
Professional HR and European start up advice for temporary assignments.

Contracts abroad

Premier Partners work with recruitment agencies and corporate clients and ensure that tax compliant solutions are being offered for our contractors which will enable recruitment companies and our corporate clients to ensure that they recruit the best talent and the reassurance that the contractors are operating in line with local legislation.

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Recruitment Agencies

Premier Partners provides a fast and efficient service to assist you in placing contractors overseas, giving you the time to concentrate on recruiting.

When placing expatriate contractors within Europe, it is important to guarantee local tax compliance and ensure that they are operating under the social security regulations of that country or have exemption documents like A1s, to prevent any liability for you and your client.